Stairs and Railings

Custom Fabricated Steel Staircases

We can replace rusted and damaged staircases with new steel staircases built to fit. There are a number of options available including non-slip stair treads, along with grated platforms and treads to prevent water accumulation.

Our staircases feature all welded construction and can be painted to match your building. Installation includes removal and disposal of the old staircase.

Custom Railings Fabricated and Installed

We fabricate railings in steel and aluminum to replace corroded or damaged railings at your property. Sometimes vehicle hits only damage part of a railing. In these cases we can fabricate the damaged section and weld it to the good section. Various mounting plates can also be constructed to securely anchor new railings to the surface, where they were previously set in poured concrete structures.

Railings can also be protected with anti-skateboard guards where necessary.

Repairs to Existing Railings and Stairs

Our mobile welding capabilities allow us to repair some railings directly onsite. There are some limiting factors including the amount of damage, material specifics, and complexity of construction.

We will also colour match the existing paint and touch up the repaired or replaced sections. Our goal is always to offer you a complete solution.

Anti-Loitering Railings for Benches

Custom railings for benches and outdoor seating areas to prevent loitering / sleeping.

These railings are all custom designed depending on your situation. They can be made from steel or stainless steel. Designed to separate seats on benches.

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