Roof Ladders and Safety Railings

Exterior Roof Access Ladders

We can help you with all your roof ladder needs, including design, fabrication, and complete installation. All our roof ladders are custom built to fit your situation, and comply with standardized code to ensure proper materials, construction, and installation.

Exterior roof ladders are made with all welded steel construction, and can be made in bolt together sections for more cost effective transport to your location and installation when suitable. The standard colour is grey, but they can be painted in safety yellow, or a colour that matches your building’s general colour scheme.

Interior Roof Access Ladders

We can help you with your interior roof access ladders and ensure they meet current safety standards. A lot of legacy roof access ladders were not built with safety in mind. They might have any number of deficiencies requiring an upgrade, including;

  • Safety cages
  • Proper orientation with the access hatch
  • Proper height to safely reach the access hatch
  • Quality materials in line with current regulations

Whether you need a new roof access ladder or an upgrade to an old one, we’ll help you find the right solution.

Secure Locking Roof Access ladders

Building roof ladders can be an opportunity for thieves to access your building through the roof where less secure entrances are located such as skylights or other access hatches.

We can help make sure your roof ladders are secure with locking doors over the ladders, locking safety cage entrances, and steel skinned cages.

Rooftop Safety Railings

Rooftop safety railings are important for complying with safety regulations in a number of areas, including;

  • Access hatches that are close t the edge
  • Doors that open up near the edge of the roof
  • Where equipment located near the edge requires safer working conditions

We can fabricate and install a custom railing to fit whatever need you have to make your flat commercial roof safer for building personnel and service technicians.

Roof Hatch Safety “Grab” Bars

Ensure safe exit and entry through roof hatches with safety “grab” bars.

Climbing through a roof access hatch can be difficult with nowhere to hold onto. We fabricate and install safety bars to make roof access safer. These grab bars are made from steel and anchored securely to the base of the hatch. Painted in safety yellow for better visibility.

Roof Access Hatch Replacement

Roof access is an important part of building maintenance. Over time, roof hatches can cause a number of problems including being difficult to open or close, water ingress, not latching or locking properly.

Having a roof access hatch that is in good working order helps with:

  • Safe roof access by maintenance personnel
  • Protecting the building against weather
  • Securing against unauthorized entry

Rooftop Platforms and Catwalks

Access to rooftop equipment doesn’t stop at just accessing the roof. HVAC units, refrigeration units, ducting, fans, and other equipment all need to be accessible by service technicians. And often, climbing over pipes and ducting can damage the sheet metal cladding and insulation that protects them from weather.

Simple catwalks, platforms, and steps can be fabricated and installed over these areas to ensure safe access and the safety of the equipment you have on your roof.

Split Level Roof Ladders

Many large buildings have multiple level roofs requiring access from one level to the next. Or they may have a pony wall dividing various sections of the roof. We can also make ladders and stairs to access the different areas of your roof from the rooftop entrance.

Ensure safe conveyance from level to level protects personnel, equipment, and it helps protect the roof from damage due to dropped tools or supplies while trying to navigate from one area to the next.

Roof Ladder Installed Without Building Penetration

In some cases, anchoring a roof ladder to the building with traditional lag bolts or concrete anchors is not ideal.

For this project, we devised a compression mounting system so as not breach the exterior cladding. While this kind of anchoring will require more active monitoring over time, it does not penetrate the siding or rain screen of the building, ensuring no possibility of water ingress at the anchor points.

Roof Hatch Safety Gate

There have been instances in the Vancouver Lower Mainland of people working on rooves and tripping / falling into an open roof hatch.

To help prevent these mishaps, we designed a safety enclosure with a swing gate on it. This enclosure also aids in entering or exiting the roof hatch by giving additional bars to hang on to while you get your footing on the ladder below.

This gate and enclosure help you comply with fall protection guidelines, and make your buildings safer for workers and maintenance personnel.

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