Overhead Gates for Underground Parkades

Custom Heavy Duty Aluminum Gates for Parkades

Nikls Metal Works builds custom sized aluminum overhead gates for new or replacement installations. Our technicians can provide a complete working gate including operator, electrical, and fob programming. Our gates are built to last with:

  • All welded aluminum construction, powder coated finish
  • Heavy duty gusset plates for panel corners and hinge mounts
  • Extra pickets in key areas to prevent tampering / break-ins
  • Optional expanded mesh skin for extra security

These features are designed to improve security for your building and improve the life of your gate.

Overhead Gate Security Upgrades

The aluminum bars on overhead gates are frequently cut by thieves looking to get into a building. We can fully skin your gate with expanded aluminum mesh to make it much more difficult to gain access.

This kind of mesh skin also keeps birds out of your parkade to seek nesting opportunities. And unlike solid doors, the mesh allows airflow for parkade exhaust fans to intake air and keep the garage safe from harmful fumes.

Guards to Protect Photo Eye Sensors

Your garage gate’s photo eye sensors serve as a safety mechanism, allowing the gate to close when unobstructed. These sensors are prone to being hit or being tampered with by reaching through the side of the gate.

To protect them from being hit or tampered with, we fabricate different kinds of sensor guards. These guards help ensure the security of your property and the safety of gate operation.

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