Miscellaneous Fabrication Projects

Steel Framing for Glass Awning

Steel frame set in rebar reinforced concrete. The sidewalk was repaired afterwards and glass installed. Awning features a back gutter and drainage downspout.

Stainless Steel Picnic Table

This stainless steel picnic table was fabricated to compliment the existing stainless steel benches.

Metal Frame for Christmas Lights

Light metal frame fabricated with round bar and flat bar as a base design for installing lights and decorative trim. Powder coated finish.

Anti-Loitering Dividers for Bench

Dividers built to match existing bench design and installed to prevent loitering / sleeping on the benches.

Guardrails for Wall Protection

Protective rails, custom built and installed to protect the wall stucco from damage.

Garbage Chute Access

Rebuild garbage hatch chute and lid to replace old chute that was badly worn and corroded. New chute designed to prevent hang-ups and allow smooth exit of garbage into the waiting bin.

Entrance Signage Framework

Parking lot entrance signage framework. Overhead frame built for sign installation to welcome patrons to the property.

Fire Pit Grill and Cover

Custom fabricated stainless steel fire pit grill and ventilated cover to contain sparks

Drip Pans

For controlling chronic leaks such as restaurant wash down areas up above another commercial space. Custom sized drip pans, hung from ceiling and piped into nearby drainage lines.

Custom Steel Pride Park Bench

Custom fabricated steel park bench with custom painting of seating slats with Pride colours

Tactile Studs for Flat Surfaces

Tactile studs can be installed in concrete and other stone surfaces. They have 2 main uses”

  1. Tactile indicator for vision impaired people. These can be used to warn of an elevation change, upcoming stairs, or other obstacles
  2. Anti-skateboard deterrent. For use on large park features like flat sitting areas, or for in front of stairways

Outdoor Community Ping Pong Table

Solid aluminum ball and paddle holder for an outdoor common area ping pong table.

Using aluminum for corrosion resistance, we fabricated this addition to a community ping pong table. The perforated sheeting used allows rain water to drain. Powder coated to match the rigid net and overall aesthetic of the table.

Drip Pans for Catching Leaks

Membrane leaks around properties can create leaks in underground parkades that are difficult to stop or repair. One of the most cost effective solutions is to capture the leak and redirect it.

Drip pans can be custom made to fit a specific area and installed with a drainage line to redirect the water to a drain or the ground where it will not drip on vehicles or sensitive equipment. These are a great solution when there is no budget to excavate and properly repair a building membrane.

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