Drain Grates and Covers

Drainage Sump Covers

We custom fabricate replacement sump covers to fit your sumps. Covers can go missing or be damaged by vehicle traffic or corrosion. We can fabricate out of heavy gauge steel sheeting or thick steel plating with a number of options including;

  • Pull-up handles
  • Reinforced frames to carry weight
  • Reinforced seats or repair to existing seats
  • Anti-slip coatings for pedestrian areas
  • Hinged hatch openings for large sumps

Continuous Drain Grates for Trough (Trench) Drains

There are numerous problems with traditional trench drain grates that we can solve with a continuous drain grate that include theft of grates, broken grates, or excessive noise when vehicles drive over them.

Our continuous drain grate covers feature;

  • Solid steel plate, water jet cut
  • Welded together sections to form one continuous grate
  • Pinned in place and welded to ensure no movement
  • Flip-up access hatches for easy cleaning

Our continuous drain grates come with a 10 year guarantee. There is no tougher or more complete solution. We offer complete fabrication and installation.

Stock Cast Iron Drain and Catch Basin Covers

We carry a wide assortment of cast iron drainage covers;

  • Storm catch basin grates
  • Sanitary sewer basin covers
  • Trench drain grates
  • Water valve box covers
  • Cast iron service box covers
  • Exterior floor drain covers

Custom Sized Replacement Drain Grates

Sometimes, a cast iron cover replacement can not be found. Usually this happens because the foundry / manufacturer that built the original has gone out of business. And generally there is no stamped name on the grate to help identify where it came from either.

We can fabricate a new cover from solid steel plate to replace your broken grates and covers when a stock replacement is not available. Each design is custom to ensure fitting (including height) and can save a lot of cost as opposed to excavating the drain and replacing the entire housing.

Anti-Theft Drain Covers

We can also make custom sized drain covers out of alu-panel. These are ideal for:

  • Preventing theft of metal drain covers for scrap metal
  • Fabricating more cost effective custom grates for small drains

These covers can be built up with multiple layers to ensure the proper depth. They can be secured in place using the standard drain body screws, security screws, or adhesive.

Alupanel is is made from thin veneers of brushed aluminum around a structural plastic core. It is commonly used to make street signs that are more cost effective than solid aluminum and inhibit theft due to the lack of metal value.

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