Door Security

Design, Fabrication, and Installation

We offer a variety of innovative security upgrades and enhancements for your doors to help keep your properties more secure. Over the years, we have dealt with thousands of break-ins. This has lead to the design of an array of security hardware, and we’re always staying ahead of the curb with new refinements.

In addition to standardized products, we also make custom versions to fit your particular needs when the standard solution just doesn’t fit. And as with all our metal fabricated products, we offer installation throughout the Vancouver Lower Mainland.

Some of Our Innovative Door Security Solutions

Here is a selection of some of the door security products we build and install. Primarily, they are designed and used for commercial or multi-family residential buildings.

Welded Seams on Steel Doors

Providing greater strength against delamination, we weld key points on the seams of all our steel commercial fire-rated doors. This increases the general lifespan of the doors when they are under hard use (such as garbage room doors), and also provides additional sturdiness against prybar attacks.

We carry a good stock of door standard sized steel door blanks so you can get a damaged door replaced quickly. And all our steel commercial doors carry a factory one and a half hour fire rating.

Full Length Anti-Pry Astragals

Protect your doors from forced entry break-ins with full length astragals.

Astragals are available in aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. While some protective astragals focus on just the latch area, the entire height of the door should be protected against having a prybar inserted between the door and frame. This offers the best protection and security for your doors.

Knob, Lever Handle, and Deadbolt Lock Guards

We make and install guards for a wide variety of door handles, including knobs and lever handles. They can be installed on standard doors, exit only doors, and custom fabricated gates.

Mounted on the outside, they protect deadbolt and handle sets by adding additional strength around the lockset area. Mounted on the inside, they provide protection against being opened with a wire, shim, or reach around. Every situation is different and we make guards to upgrade the security of your property through a wide scope of parameters.

Window Guards

Perforated steel window guards come in standard and custom sizes. They allow visibility through commercial doors, while protecting against break-ins through the window.

These guards are an excellent upgrade for doors in parkades, stairwells, service areas, and other areas of your property where security and visibility are important. And perforated steel is much stronger than expanded steel mesh in these circumstances. Guards are also installed with through-bolted carriage bolts.

Door Barricade Braces

While not suitable for doors that are designated emergency exits, there are times when door barricades can offer important protection. For example back exit doors to vacant units can benefit greatly from the added protection of barricade bars.

Barricade bars can be simply set in place or locked with a padlock. This creates another barrier against entry even if thieves manage to smash through the lockset and remove it from the door. Security is generally about creating layers, and door barricades can create a very formidable obstacle on top of other standard security upgrades.

Pushbar Guards

For emergency exit door panic sets. Push bars for emergency exit doors are often required by code, but create a security hole that has often been exploited in recent years.

These guards prevent drilling through the door easily and prevent a hooked wire attack to pull on the push bar to release the latch. At the same time, they don’t interfere with push bar operation from inside.

Crash Guards for Garbage Room Doors

Garbage room doors frequently get damaged from rolling garbage bins in and out of the room. Over time, this causes the door seams to delaminate and eventually the doors will need to be replaced.

Help prevent damage and extend the life of your garbage room doors with heavy duty crash guards. These crash guards are made from heavy gauged checker plate aluminum. They are installed at the correct height to protect the doors from the upper lip of your bins.

Reinforced Door Stops for Commercial Doors

Door stops can frequently get hit in commercial settings by garbage bins, pallet jacks, and carts. Over time, the screw holes can loosen up and the door stops can no longer be installed in the same position.

Our heavy duty mounting plates create a wider mounting base with additional screws to mount more securely to the thin steel of the door. The plate also provides a thicker mounting base for the actual stop (much thicker than the thin door steel). So overall these provide a door stop that will hold up better than simply screwing it to the door.

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