Corner and Edge Guards

Custom Stainless Steel Corner and Edge Guards

Stainless steel corner and edge guards are a good way to help protect your buildings vulnerable edges from bumps and bruises that damage or mark up the surface. They can be installed over existing damage as well, to both refurbish and protect against further damage.

This kind of protective flashing can be custom formed to fit your building’s edges and corners as needed. And in brushed stainless steel it gives you a clean, professional look that goes with any colour scheme.

Interior Corner Guards

Our standard corner guards are 2″ x 2″ brushed stainless steel. They come in 4, 6, and 8 foot lengths and feature a slight edge bend along both sides for strength and to create a snug fit. We can also makeĀ  custom sized profiles and lengths.

These corner guards are great for drywall or wood corners that easily get bumped and damaged such as elevator entrances and hallway corners. They can quickly help keep your building looking clean and well maintained over the long term.

Exterior Corner Guards

Exterior corner guards are generally used to protect against vehicles or bumps and bruises from carts, dollies, pallet jacks, and forklifts. They are made of heavy gauge steel or aluminum.

These heavy duty guards start with a 4 x 4 inch profile, and generally need to be larger from there. They can also be covered in high visibility vinyl graphics, and are installed using large concrete anchors or lag bolts. As with interior corner guards, these guards can cover up existing damage as well as protect against future damage.

High Visibility Corner and Column Guards

In underground parkades or loading areas, visibility is a high priority to aid in preventing damage to corners and columns. Especially for delivery trucks. We can makeĀ  guards that help with visibility featuring;

  • Safety yellow painting
  • Black and yellow diagonal striping
  • Reflective tape
  • Added warning signage

Wall Guards in High Wear-and-Tear Areas

Wall guards can help protect against physical wear and tear, or moisture and grime. Typically, wall guards are used for to protect the walls behind garbage cans and washroom hand dryers, but they can be used in any area to protect against physical damage or splashing.

As a splash guard, stainless steel is easy to clean and keep sanitary, as well as mitigating against moisture buildup and mold.

Corner and Edge Guards Gallery

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