Chain Link Fencing

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Chain Link Fencing Repairs

Nikls Metal Works is ready to take care of all your chain link fencing repair needs, including:

  • Repairing cut / damaged chain link mesh
  • Onsite welding repairs
  • Post replacements / concrete setting
  • Gate latches, hinges and other hardware

Chain Link Fencing Installation

New chain link fencing installation, interior and exterior;

  • Complete fencing installation
  • 3 strand barb wire
  • Man gates, swing gates, sliding gates
  • Enclosures for garbage bins
  • Gas meter enclosures

Chain Link Fencing Garbage Enclosures

Secure your garbage areas and dumpsters with a chain link enclosure. Chain link fencing alone can help contain your garbage area and limit unauthorized dumping.

With privacy slats, your garbage enclosure can also hide away unsightly garbage areas and become a less obvious target for dumpster divers and illegal dumpers.

Chain Link Fencing Padlock Shroud Upgrade

Help protect your chain link fencing padlocks and padlock latches from being broken into with a steel protective shroud. Fabricated in heavy gauge steel and welded in place, padlock shrouds prevent prying or hammering of the gate latch or padlock.

Chain Link Fence Flat Bar Security Upgrade

Chain link mesh is easily cut by vandals, vagrants, and thieves looking to access your property, garbage enclosures, and other secure areas.

Strengthen traditional chain link fencing with a flat bar matrix, making it much more difficult to cut through and dissuading vandals from attacking your fence.

Expanded Galvanized Steel Mesh Security Upgrade

In addition to adding a flat bar matrix to strengthen your chain link fencing, the mesh can be changed completely.

3/4″ galvanized expanded steel mesh is much tougher and more difficult to cut through than regular chain link mesh. It offers high security to fenced in areas, and can also be combined with a flat bar matrix to further strengthen your fence or enclosure to maximize security against vandalism or unauthorized entry.

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