In-Ground Concrete Filled Steel Bollards

The best way to protect your buildings from vehicle hits is with bollards. We fabricate and install heavy wall steel bollards, filled with concrete, and set in concrete. They are invaluable in protecting storefronts with parking stalls just a sidewalk width away. They can also warn drivers and protect structural columns, building corners, loading zones, and other vulnerable areas.

Our standard colour is safety yellow for visibility but we can paint them in any custom colour you need to match your building décor. The standard bollard configuration is round tubing, 5″ diameter, 32″ high above ground, 18″ in-ground. Custom sizes are also available, as well as square tubing.

Surface Mounted Steel Bollards

when in-ground installation is not a good option (usually in or over parkades), surface mounted bollards are a great option. They can be mounted on concrete walkways or slabs with concrete anchors.

You can also get removable bollards in the surface mounted configuration, secured by padlock. This allows an easy or temporary installation, and you can open up access to an area for service vehicles, and keep the bollard in place otherwise.

Removable Bollards

For a heavier duty removable bollard, we have a heavy wall steel bollard that is lockable to an in-ground base. This bollard and base are also designed to feature no tripping hazards left on the ground when the bollard is removed.

The bollard is secured by turning until the locking bar engages, and then applying a heavy duty puck lock, suitable for outdoor applications. The base also has a removable plate to access for cleaning away dirt or leaves that may accumulate over time when the bollard is  removed.

Specialty Bollards

As well as standard designs, we can design, fabricate and install custom bollards to help protect your equipment or installations against damage from vehicle hits. There are a lot of situations where drivers hit a building or fixture repeatedly in the same spot, requiring repair again and again.

We will build a solution for you, to help divert errant traffic and protect your property from these kinds of ongoing problems.

Complete Installation of Bollards

We offer complete installation for asphalt or concrete surfaces, and will help you find the right type of bollard for your application.

For asphalt, we saw cut an opening excavate and install your bollards with a heavy duty concrete base. For concrete, we always recommend scanning to ensure no wiring or piping is running through the slab. We then cut or core a hole into the concrete and install the bollard with fresh concrete fill around the base.

If needed, we can install steel rebar reinforced concrete bases for your bollards.

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