Bike Racks, Bike Rooms, and Storage Cages

Bike Rooms and Bike Cages

Bike rooms or bike lock-up cages are an ever important feature in residential and commercial buildings. We will design, build, and install a custom fitted bike cage to fit your space and help keep bikes safe and secure. Bike cages utilize the same various design and security features as our area security enclosures.

We can also retrofit an existing room as needed to re-task it into a secure bike room.

Bike Racks

We can also help you with layout, fabrication, and installation of bike racks for your bike room. Along with best practices, we will help you optimize your space to maximize the number of bicycles your bike room can accommodate.

Bike racks can be wall mounted, floor mounted, or a combination of both to properly outfit your bike room. Bike racks are installed using concrete anchors with security hardware for optimum protection.

Storage Locker Cages for Strata Buildings

Custom sized storage lockers to fit your space. Call us to;

  • Fabricate and install standard style steel mesh storage locker cages
  • Repair or upgrade security on your existing cages
  • Upgrade door security for your community storage room

Bike Ramps for Stairs

With the increasing demand for green energy solutions, buildings are welcoming more and more bike traffic. Walking bicycles up and down stairs is much easier with a bike ramp and we custom build bike ramps. Features include:

  • Solid aluminum construction
  • Powder coated safety yellow
  • Grip strip along path
  • Anchored securely to stairs

High Security Bike Rooms and Storage Enclosures

As thieves find more ways to break into bike rooms and storage rooms, we work on more ways to keep them out.

This installation features solid steel panel walls, making it much more difficult to cut through than bars or expanded steel mesh. It also brings another element of security which is obfuscation – by hiding what’s in the storage area, there is less chance of a break-in.

The steel bar top allows plenty of room for light and fire sprinklers to be effective.

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